"Websites Built on a Solid Keyword Structure"
Our Website Building Begins With a Recognition of Your Important Business Keywords

Ask a web designer to build a website, and you will get the same result every time. You will get a really knock down good looking website that isn't worth a d... when it comes to ranking on the search engines. Next the optimizer comes in and tries to work around the structure and out will come a website that needs loads of continual SEO work to keep it on page one.

We build websites from the ground up based on SEO principles. Our designers don't see the websites we build until they are completely optimized.

Our Website Development Costs

Websites for small businesses commonly cost $1,500 to $2,000 on the web. This price does not include the cost of labor, which may run aanywere from $25-$75 dollars an hour or more. The cost includes keyword development, text creation, contact form creation, drop down menus, flash, photos, and any other additions to the site that will enhance its appeal to customers. We want to make websites available to new and struggling business so we offer a more modest price. Our basic website price for creating a five page website is $500. Clients often want to add additional pages and we will add a page, whose layout is the same as an existing page for only $30. The cost of adding a page with an entirely new layout is $100. We charge $10 for the addition of drop down menus.

Website Development Cost Summary

  • Basic Cost $500
  • Additional pages with identical layout to existing pages - $30
  • Additional pages with a new layout - $100
  • Addition of drop down menus - $10
  • Basic Contact Form - $25
  • Addition of a Slider $100
  • Cost of Additional Features Negotiable

For questions regarding website development cost call 877-833-4552

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