You Tube Creation and Ranking

Express Submit offers YouTube Video creation and promotion at reasonable prices. We specialize in videos for small businesses and services.

You Tube Creation Services

We will create a video of approximately 40 - 60 seconds using pictures and video clips provided by you or pictures and images provided by us. The content of the video will be text and images that are relevent to a keyword phrase you wish to promote and rank for.

The basic video cost is $25 dolllars and includes content creation, image search, and voice over.

Basic posting costs are $8.00 and include posting on You Tube, your Facebook, Google Plus Local, and Twitter account, and your website. ($2 deducted for each site not posted to)

Examples of Videos We have Created

You Tube Promotion Services

YouTube Video Promotion services include linking the video to all the blogs listed at the YouTube site, increasing the video views as much as 6,000 - 10,000 per month, and posting the video on additional video sites such as Vimeo, as well as other business blogs and social networks you have set up. The cost of promotion is $21.00 to link to all the sites listed on YouTube (other than Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus Local (see above). (This includes the time it takes to set up and phone verify those blogs that require phone verification for set-up. $3 is deducted for anyone of the 7 sites we don't post to) $7.75 for 6,000 + video views. (You can order this service yourself for $5.00 plus tax and VAT on Fiverr for a total of $6.49. The extra cost is to cover money transfer and time it takes to make the order. Additional promotional services cost 10.00/hour and are negotiable. If you need a YouTube service we can't provide we'll contract it out at cost.

Examples of our YouTube video rankings

First Page Google Organic Rankings

  1. Emergency Pest Control Harrisburg, PA
  2. Bed Bug Control Baltimore
  3. Computer Repair Canoga Park

First Page You Tube Rankings

  1. Pest Control Baltimore
  2. Plumbing Company Baltimore
  3. Computer Repair Canoga Park
  4. 24 Hour Pest Control Harrisburg
  5. Bed Bug Control Baltimore
  6. Computer Repair Woodland Hills
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